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* Disclaimer: The information on this site is intended for general information only, it does not replace any medical or health professional advice.

 Please always follow the advice from your health professional first! Results will vary from one person to another

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Break Free Success Stories!

Meet Ziyacdah,

Amazing success!

70kgs Gone

“ When I meet Jacqui it was after bariatric surgery. I had lost a lot of weight.


I was stuck and frustrated with my progression around my weight and how often I weighed myself.


When I started working with Jacqui I was weighing myself up to 4 times a day, I was dealing with the scale number increasing and obsessed with the number on the scales.


I was also worried  at times about the food I was eating.


Jacqui helped me to  learn how to celebrate each step I make with my weight. food choices and  decrease how often I weigh myself. I got my confidence back!


I am clearer on which foods to eat to keep my weight off, she has helped me to relax and enjoy my life!”


- Ziyachdah – Alabama USA    April 2019


" I worked with Jacqui for a month as a Health and Wellness Client.

Jacqui kept me accountable and asked me thought provoking questions that made me dig a little deeper into what was going on for me.

As one of her clients I would recommend her work!

- Kirstie  Pearce - Victoria Australia    December 2018

Coaching with Jacqui helped me to make the right decision for me. I was sitting on the fence for at least a year with my doctor and family worried about me. I had never been good with making decision and prepared to ignore things.
Jacqui was patient with me and gave me slowly gave me information to help me make MY decision. As Jacqui said it is MY DECISION and taking control of my life.
Even though Jacqui has had bariatric surgery, she did not convince me either way, her program for people who have had surgery and for those who haven’t both works.
I highly recommend Jacqui’s programs and coaching.
The ‘ahha” moments are so worth and the results bring it all together!

Beau Taylor, Melbourne Australia. October 2018

Meeting Jacqui in Hawaii was a gift. To hear and see the results she achieved for herself on her own was enough for me to follow up and go through a personalized coaching program with her.
Jacqui and I used to skype for the coaching sessions and she were flexible given the time difference between us. I learnt that I had to take action... I choose to take action.
I am living life my way and have so much energy now.
I recommend Jacqui Grant for coaching, she will help you to create changes that last!

Chris Tanner, Georgia USA. September 2018