Work With Jacqui 

There are a few different ways you can work with Jacqui...

If you are not sure then we encourage you to book a call..

Free chat with Jacqui 

Steps to Success:

8 Week Make It Happen Program

Creating new habits takes time and support. 

 8 week Make It Happen program includes 90 minute strategy consultation with Jacqui, 4 one to one consultations, menu planning/exercise program and mindset tools to help you Live YOUR Best Life!

Let's Make It Happen! Program

VIP - 6 Months

Let's Make It Happen! Program is personalized program that contain 5 different programs in one place:
* Weight Release Program
* Fitness Program
* Bariatric Surgery
* Wellness Program
* Mindset.

It has online content, audios and guide you step by step over the time frame you choose.
Each one offers different numbers of coaching sessions and a few more tools to help you achieve your goals

Consultations with Jacqui!

Each consultation with Jacqui is a combination of information provided to you plus coaching.
The consultations are designed to give you the strategies you require to achieve your goals and Live YOUR Best Life!
Three options available:
* Free 15 Minute session
One session
4 +1  Sessions 5 for sessions for the price 4.



Break Free With Jacqui Memberships are here now and ready for you.

You receive access to online articles, posts and videos, along with discounts to different programs.
Our 4 Memberships are:
* Weight Release
* Bariatric Surgery Success
* Wellness & Mindset
* Professional Membership
(personal trainers, health professionals, allied professionals, coaches)

All available on monthly or yearly plans.

e offer video's that you can access to develop strategies that assist you to achieve your weight, fitness, health and wellness goals.
We will be adding to the list of video's available.

 Available now:
* Confidence Eating Out Post Bariatric Surgery

Break Free with Jacqui podcast is available now to listen to.

Topics range from:

* Weight Management

* Bariatric Surgery

* Mindfulness

* Fitness

You can listen as you go a about your day an stay on track as you Live YOUR Best Life!

Available here:  Break Free with Jacqui