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Understanding Weight loss

The weight loss journey is not an easy one and more importantly it is not a long term one in most cases.

Many people let go of excess weight only to find themselves putting it back on again and probably even more!

So how does anyone lose weight and keep it off?

There are several steps to long term weight loss success! There are also many choices that you can choose from.

In this blog my focus is primarily on bariatric surgery option, however I will touch on weight loss in general.

Lets get clear...

You will notice that I change the word "loss" to "release" or "let go"

The reason behind this is that the subconscious mind does not define words, language as good or bad, as something that we want or don't want it is simply a word. Our subconscious mind then goes ahead to give us the meaning of the word we have used. The word lost or lose means we are missing something, therefore it will set in motion the learnt behavior of if something is lost it is to be found.

In weight release, we do not want the weight back again right... therefore to stop the subconscious process of finding the weight gone it needs to be re-framed.

If you would like to learn more about that then we can chat... email me for a FREE session

Okay so now that that is out of the way we can continue...

Bariatric Surgery!

It is not the easy way out! It is not the cheats way! It certainly isn't for everyone!

Bariatric surgery other wise known as weight loss surgery is where part of the stomach is altered, whether it be lap band, where a band is placed at the top of the stomach and it has a port that sits on the outside of the body where fluid can be added or removed to adjust the size of the band, in turn the entry to the stomach is smaller and making it harder for large amounts of food to enter the stomach.

Many people who have had lapband do get results however many find other ways to get the same amount of food in, therefore not getting the long term results.

With lap band exercises such as sit ups cannot be done because of the small port.

Another surgery is Sleeve Gastrectomy which is where the stomach is made smaller. Different surgeons do this procedure slightly different, however the end result is a smaller stomach that usually holds up to 2 cups of food at one time, depending on the food it maybe less.

Eating less is definitely the goal with all surgeries however there is different physical experiences with each one.

Then there is gastric bypass and omega loop bypass surgery which in brief bypass the stomach and the food goes into the small intestine. This ultimately means less food intake and the process of nutrient absorption is very different. Many people who have had this surgery will tell you that it is the "gold standard" of weight loss surgery, however everyone has an opinon for what is right.

The only surgery that cannot be reversed with bariatric (weight loss) surgery is sleeve gastrectomy, however the stomach is an organ that stretches.

Now that I have been all clinical, there are a few key things to consider before having any of these surgeries.

What to consider...

1. Each surgeon will explain the different surgeries and what is best for you.

2. What your BMI is will affect whether or not you are a candidate for the surgery in the first place

3. This is for the rest of your life!

4. Yes you can ultimately gain weight back after this surgery, the long term results depend on you, which is why I have created my Break Free for Success program ( the strategies in there work whether you have surgery or not)

5. Not everyone will understand or support your decision, this can be tough as you do need support, it is emotionally and physically tough journey, especially the first year.

6.What other chronic health issues do you have? They will all need to be reassessed as you let go of the excess weight and medications altered

7. Emotionaly it will be a roller-coaster and your surgeon may request you see a psychologist or counselor before surgery, my suggest is do it!

8. Mindset. This will take time to adjust as you will look at a plate of food, enjoy the taste of it and then find you cannot eat more than two mouthfuls.

9. It can be the best decision you make for your health, fitness and wellbeing.

10. Make this decision for YOU and you alone!

As i said my program Break Free for Success will help with the whole transformation and if you want coaching then I have that available. www.breakfreewithjacqui.com

Maintaining Weight Release Long Term...

In many ways letting go of the weight is the easy steps.

Yes in the beginning post bariatric surgery the weight does fall off, you are eating less and the body is responding, however after awhile that amount of food you eat, becomes the new normal for your body.

Our bodies are very adaptable and it responds very quickly to change, especially when the amount of food going in is only enough for the vital organs to function to keep us alive!

However over time it will let you know it needs more food and also and more importantly nutrition to keep functioning, to keep the heart pumping the neurons firing so that you can think, you can make decisions.

Long term results take changing habits. To understand that whether you have surgery or not weight release is only one part of the bigger picture.

Ask yourself.... What is my overall goal? What is it that i want for myself?

Why do I want to lose weight?

Until your WHY or your reason is big enough you will continue to go back to old habits and then more than likely gain weight back...

I have tackled each of these part along my journey and it is the mindset that has made the biggest difference, everything else is a tool that when you bring it together it works.

Questions for you...

What would being fit and healthy mean to you?

How would you life be different?

What would be the one thing that you would go and do if you let go of excess weight, that you cannot do right now?

Whatever action you choose to take its important that it is for you.

Exercise, choosing nutritional foods and loving you are the keys to long term success.

Keep on loving yourself through it all

You've got this!


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