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Long Term Success

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Are you tired of having success with your goals that never seem to last?

Long term success requires patience. It is is more than deciding to do something differently.

As you come to understand current habits and notice what is working and what isn't then you are able to change.

Long term success is different for everyone and I have found the best place to start is with your own definition of long term success. What does success mean to you? How long is long term?

The moment I answered these questions for myself I found it much easier to celebrate success when I achieved it.

It all starts with you!

My clients constantly start with doubting that they can achieve long term change.

I was exactly the same. I quickly learnt that it all starts with me.

It starts with self love and a willingness to feel vulnerable and knowing that from vulnerability comes strength.

Each of us has within us the courage and strength to love who we are and then continue to do what takes us closer to our goals.

There is the saying that it takes 28 days to create a new habit which I tend to agree with. However it doesn't stop there! As I changed one habit and make it the new normal, I found I faced different layers of the old habit, which is why at times it was easy to go back to the old.


" Love you, believe in you and know you can do it!"

Understanding Why!

This one is often a confronting part of creating change or not even thought about!

Often as children we ask a lot of "Why" questions however the response is occasionally " stop asking why".

Then there were the occasions when our parents asked us "Why did you do that?" which indicated we were in trouble.

Therefore the question of "Why" can be confronting just as much as it can be inquisitive.

In order to create long term change, long term success it is important for YOU to understand "Why" you want it", "why is this change?", then there is the "what" question. "What will I get from this change, what will it give me?"

I found as I asked myself those questions as I was releasing excess weight it kept me on track. It helped me to stay focused on why choosing nutritional food was and still is important. To understand why daily meditation is important to me.

Long term success IS possible, it won't always be easy, however with the right support you will have it.

Believe in YOU.

Love YOU!

You've got this! :)


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