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Food and Me! Food and You!

What if I said you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight?

Would you believe me?

The bottom line is that you can eat anything and still release excess weight, however are the food choices that you make good for your body?

Weight release is one thing, however having a health body is another!

I have found on my own journey along with working with clients is that the minute we are told " You cannot have.... (insert food)" you want it even more.

Which means that when you are told that you cannot have cake, chocolate, chips and so on, you end up eating them, you also end up overeating because in your mind, you just can't not have them, they also seem to tasty "soo yummy", mouthwatering tasty!


Let me take you on a small journey for the moment!

I would like you to think of a bowl of hot freshly cooked chips. The smell of the crispy chips, steam rising off them. There is a light coating of salt that brings the crunch to an amazing top level. Then you pick up a chip, seeing how golden it is, how one end is crunchier than the other, as you bite into it, you find the potato is soft with the outside still slightly crunchy. The flavors of potato, fresh oil and salt all blend together as you take another bite and finally you have finished one whole chip and you find yourself going back for me, not thinking simply reaching into the bowl and eating one after the other.

Before you know it you have eaten the whole bowl of chips.

You didn't notice that as you ate them, they lost their flavor, they started to become cold and that they lost their crunchiness.

You feel full almost over full and if i asked you how you feel now after eating all those chips, you may tell me, "okay"

Did you notice how initially they were so good? Did you notice as i started to describe the chips you started to salivate, thinking how good it would be to have some hot chips right now?

It's not the chips you want!

It's not actually the chips you want! Its not the chocolate/cheese/mcdonalds/KFC and so on that you are wanting. Its the feeling they bring up for you. It is the memory of them or the memory connected to them.

Food is something that we all require to live. Food as it stands alone is not the enemy, however it is how much we consume, how we feel and why we eat along of when we eat.

It all comes down to choices made 90% of the time, the amount of the food that you eat and what you are doing when you eat.

I encourage mindfulness eating!

Post Bariatric Surgery it all changes...

If you are overweight and are considering having or have had bariatric surgery then you will find or may have already that food consumption is completely different.

No longer can you eat the same amount of food as you used to.

Food choices become more important now than ever, protein is first.

Protein is important for muscle building and to prevent muscle wastage as you release excess weight.

This is also important for anyone who is focused on weight loss and muscle building. The reason for this is because protein is broken down first.

Choosing nutritional foods so your body feels supported to function is important, especially post bariatric surgery.

For those of you reading this who have not had bariatric surgery, you can still follow the approach of protein first, also know that you can still have your favorite foods from TIME to TIME! in small amounts.

It is better to have a small square of chocolate once a week IF you want it than to cut it out completely, this way the craving has been met. It helps to prevent over-consumption of high calorie, high fat foods.

Having said that often the foods we crave is because there is a nutritional deficit, e.g sometimes sugar cravings are lacking magnesium, however it is important to seek medical advice.


Your body is a great for telling you what it is your require and protecting you. When you reach a plateau with your weight management journey it is because the body is readjusting to the changes.

Its important to continue with nutritional choices that support your health, fitness and wellness goals.

When food is not your constant focus, when you learn to trust yourself with your food choices then you will find you are managing your weight and your health.

Remember you are more than the number on the scales, you are a beautiful person.

Jacqui Grant


P.S. Break Free Wellness Retreat, covers more on this topic. To join us at the retreat message us via website or email: success@breakfreewithjacqui.com

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