At Break Free Consultancy we offer consultations that are a combination of consulting and coaching to develop strategies to assist you to achieve your goals.

These consulting and coaching sessions are perfect for creating mindset changes.

To assist you  let go of habits and self talk that are not working for  you any more, that are creating self sabotage behaviour.

Whatever your goals are  we have you covered.

* Weight Management

* Pre & Post Bariatric Surgery

* Mindset & Wellbeing

* Fitness.

Every one requires support and clarity, our consultations give you that.

We have available the following:

One session 

4 + 1: - 5 sessions for the price of 4

Of course there is also the option of creating a bundle that works specially for you!

We offer menu planning and exercise plan as part of your consultation. 

We work with you on your goals and needs!

To get started choose the right one for you  by clicking on the link:

One Consultation

4 + 1 Consultations Bundle

Your goals are important, success is the by-product of action!