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Whether your focus is on Health, Fitness or Wellbeing, weight loss, or if you have had bariatric ( weight loss ) surgery you will find a membership that supports you and helps you to obtain Long Term Success.
You are worth it.
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Are you ready to be the best version of YOU?

Are you ready to let go of all the excuses and reasons for putting your Health, Fitness and Well-being last and start by loving you and caring for you?

If you answer YES then this membership is for YOU!


I completely understand how busy life gets and so often it is easier to keep repeating the same old habits even though they are not getting the results you want.

This membership allows you to start creating change, one step at a time... 

Every week in the Private Facebook group you receive:

  • Weekly Exercise Tips

  •  Weekly Health Tips

  • Weekly Gratitude and Intention tips

  •  Weekly motivation 

  •  Weekly Wellness Tip

  • Weekly meditation 

  • Break Free & Go For It! - ebook

5% discount on all Break Free Events

All for $9.99 a week 

Amazing Value 


Imagine every week having a meditation that you can do from the comfort of your own home, or by the beach.

Now think about how amazing it would be to do that every Tuesday and Thursday, right there waiting for you.

With the right mindset you will find it easy to be in a constant state of good health, to release weight if that is a goal

You have access to 2 weekly meditations as part of the Break Free Mindfulness Membership.

You also receive right there in the Private Facebook group:

  • Weekly mindfulness tips to implement into your day to day life.

  •  Weekly Self Love tip.

  •  Weekly Gratitude and Intention 

  • Happiness Program including eBook

  •  Break Free & Go For It! eBook

  • Weekly Inspiration Post

  •  Ongoing support 

5% discount on all Break Free Events

All for $9.99 per week

That's less than one take away meal a day

Bariatric Success

Have you had bariatric surgery and find it tough at times, like on one understands that you and the changes you are going through?

Have you found that at times that even though you are following the food plan and exercising you have reached a plateau with your weight release?

Having had bariatric surgery myself I understand the challenges that you may be facing.

As a coach, personal trainer and nurse I have the knowledge to support you to get long term results.

This memberships is run in a Private Facebook group and what you receive is:

  •  Weekly Exercise Tips

  • Weekly food suggestions and tips

  • Weekly Gratitude and Intention tips

  • Weekly inspirations

  •  Weekly Q& A's via Facebook live

  • Habit  eBook

  • Break Free & Go For It ebook

  • Ongoing support

5% discount on all Break Free Events

All for  $9.99 a week

You are worth the investment

What people are saying.....

" I love the mindfulness group. Paying the $9.99 is nothing compared to what you get. I love the meditations that Jacqui has given and the reminders for daily gratitude are perfect.

I actually sleep better since implementing them

I highly recommend the Mindfulness Group"

- Kate- Ringwood Victoria 

" I encourage everyone to join the Break Free Members. I have followed Jacqui for 2 years, she is positive, consistent and to pay $9.99 everyone is nothing. She is an inspiration" - Fiona S - Chicago 

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