Bariatric Surgery Success Program

So you are considering having bariatric surgery or you may have had it and your mind is going around and round in circles with all the information there is.

Nothing seems to make sense, as one person says this and another says something else, then there is what the GP tells you, the specialist, the surgeon and finally the dietitian.


Where do you begin?

You may have joined a face book group and you are watching as others seeming to be doing so much better than you or if you haven't had surgery you start to worry that you won't lose all the weight you want.

There has to be a way that you can have the surgery, get the results that you choose and are safe for your body and keep the weight off, after all you have or just about to pay out over $6,000.00 and then there is the plastic surgery for the excess skin down the track

You maybe someone that has had bariatric surgery several years ago and have gained your weight back and you are frustrated and maybe even annoyed that after all the effort and money spent you are back at where you started.... struggling everyday with health related issues due to overweight/obesity.

You may have joined a gym and still not getting results and the personal trainer doesn't understand the lifestyle and lifetime changes that occur post surgery.

I get it completely, deciding to have the surgery is NOT an easy decisions or the easy way out!

So lets stop right here.... Take a slow deep breath......

Now take a moment and imagine a life that is all that you could dream it to be... a life where you are feeling full of energy and can move without pain or shortness of breath.

Imagine just for a moment a life where your clothes fit you and you never feel uncomfortable in public again and you never need the seat-belt extension on an airplane.

Just for this  moment imagine that this IS your life and you know that you are able to make choices in every moment that support your health without feeling like you are missing out on ANYTHING.

How would that be, living THAT life?

Bariatric Surgery Success Program gives you that.

The program is run over 6 weeks, completely online and you work at YOUR pace...

You are encouraged to think about the food choices you make, because lets face it you already know the food that is good for your body.

You will learn about intuitive eating, portion sizes and how to tune into your body when eating.

You will also learn about eating out and how to comfortable say "No thank you" when offered more food. ( this can be a challenge for some people)

As you progress through each week, you will discover more and more what makes you happy, through self love activities and how to celebrate your success builds motivation and momentum.

Every week you are encourage to do a little more exercise than you do the week before and you notice step by step how much you enjoy it, that's right I did say enjoy exercise....

Inner peace becomes part of your life as you are empowered through the weekly meditations which is an important part of weight release and overall health and wellbeing.

This is only the beginning of what this 6 week program offers you.

Let me ask you.... Are you READY to live your best life and release excess weight, improve your fitness level and love all aspects of you?

If your answer is YES then you are in the right place!

 Bariatric Surgery Success contains the following:

* A Program book

* Online templates to complete each week

6 Weekly Meditations - perfect for stress management.

* 6 Audios on the theme of the week, to help you continue to make changes

* Exercise guide

 * Food guide 

* Mindset  content 

* Live Your Best Life eBook

* eBook Recipes

* eBook shakes

* Discount with Be Fit Foods order 

* Email support

* Weekly emails to let you know you are supported each step of the way.

* Understand the milestones of Bariatric Surgery 

* Common Challenges

* Can Do Bariatric Surgery eBook

Your very own unique log in.

* Lifetime access to content so you can revisit it at any time

Let's get you started...

Click on the link below and you will have access as soon as you pay.

Valued at $250.00

It is only $97.00 ( less than $2.50 a day )

Now because I understand that its easy to get side tracked on a program especially an online one... I have available to you if you would like a strategy/coaching session with me, at any time, of course it is at a 25% discount.

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As a thank you gift you also receive:

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Your success is important to me  which is why we stay in touch.