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Jacqui Grant is an inspiration to all who cross her path.  Passionate about working WITH people, to be able to live the life they've chosen for themselves, her focus is Health, Fitness and Wellbeing in all aspects of life.


Jacqui offers is a unique perspective to her clients and professionals alike.


Her personal insight and experience in creating changes for the better, along with professional qualifications gives her the perfect foundation for helping people achieve their long term goals.

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A Registered Nurse,  Qualified Health, Fitness and Wellness Coach Through Wellness Coaching Australia and Qualified Personal Trainer, studied with Australian Institute of Personal Trainers.

As part of Jacqui's ongong studies and education she has learnt about:

  •    Motivational Interviewing and Motivational Psychology

  •    Behavioral changes

  •    Coaching one to one and Group coaching

  •    Goal setting

  •    The importance of having a vision.

  •     NLP 

  •    Anatomy and Physiology which has given Jacqui a deep knowledge and understanding of the human body and how it function when in good      health and also the affects that obesity has on the body along other diseases a person may experience.

  •    Weight management and nutrition

  •     Exercises to release weight

  •     Pre exercise assessment

  •   Exercise Programming 

Jacqui has also completed studies in Stress Management, Nutrition and Weight Management & Nutrition.

Jacqui has had over 30 years as career in nursing which has taught her about Chronic disease management. Having worked in a variety of nursing settings including hospitals, diagnostic imaging, community health and GP Clinics,  she has a detailed understanding of what the role of Health, Fitness and Well-being plays in the management of chronic disease and obesity.

Jacqui has successfully delivered Medibank's Care First Coaching Program in two different GP Clinics


Her personal journey of transforming her life from obesity - 158kgs to currently 53kgs. Plays a massive role in allowing her inside insight into what it takes and the obstacles and blocks along the way and how to overcome them


As Jacqui has lived pre and post bariatric surgery life, she realized that there is limited ongoing support and understanding for people who are considering or have had bariatric surgery. Her long term goal is to work with health professionals, personal trainers and clients alike to create a network of support that is accessible, and offers ongoing programs tailored specifically for each person’s goals and choices for life. Not only bariatric surgery, but coaching in all aspects of Health, Fitness and Well-being.


Jacqui regularly gives presentations to health professionals, personal trainers and groups of clients alike, based around creating a "Can Do" Mindset and creating change. 


Jacqui also offers FitRec recognized Training called Beyond Bariatric Surgery for all health and fitness professionals alike to assist them to support their clients who have had bariatric surgery.


She has teamed up with Be Fit Foods to offer discounts to all her clients and also spread the word that those how are ready to release excess weight with or without bariatric surgery are not alone.


Jacqui has created programs such as Bariatric Surgery Success after her research lead her the statics that only 20 % of people actually achieve their weight loss goals and keep the weight off post surgery. the program along with all her programs is built upon her knowledge, work experience, research and of course her professional qualifications offering, combine this with the insight from her personal journey it is a powerful and successful combination.


All that Jacqui has achieved both professionally and personally is on her page : Jacqui's achievements...

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