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Jacqui Grant

Weight Loss, Fitness & Bariatric Surgery are not always easy!

Have a sense of Well being can be a challenge!

Jacqui's experience and qualifications : 

* Registered Nurse

* Weight Management Practitioner

*Pre & Post Bariatric Surgery Weight Management

* Personal Trainer

* Health, Fitness & Wellness Coach

* Personal experience of losing 115kgs

* Amazon No.1 Best Seller of three books:

 Can Do Bariatric Surgery!

 Life Beyond Obesity!

Break Free & Go For It!

* Front Page & 2 page appearance in Woman's Day magazine

* Featured writer in Brainz Magazine

Jacqui understands the struggle with obesity and the uncertainty with post bariatric surgery  has a on a person's life.  Therefore Jacqui has create programs that empower you to take back control of every aspect of your life and release excess weight and keep it off long term

You can learn more about Jacqui and her transformation, her achievements of being nominated for Telstra Business Women's Award and Front Cover of Woman's day Magazine here : 

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* Empowerment * Confidence * Self Love * Long Term Results


Are you ready to Live YOUR Best Life?

Are you confused about weight loss surgery?

Are you ready to release excess weight and keep it off?

Would you like to build muscle and increase your fitness?

YES? Then you have come to the right place.

At Break Free Consultancy we have consultations and programs that assist you with every aspect of your health, fitness and wellbeing, that includes weight management, pre and post bariatric surgery.

We have an abundance of resources available to you including a variety of meals and Amazon Best selling books, podcasts and video's

We offer menu planning, exercise programs/personal training, one to one consultations and memberships.

Each program is PERSONALISED to your unique goals and visions.

We also have a training course for professionals, personal trainers to understand bariatric surgery

We also have a Training program for Professionals FitRec Australia recognized.

Our Programs, Memberships, Video's & Training

Visit the Steps to Success Page for full list.


We have 3 different memberships that you can subscribe to that start at $12.00 - 20.00 a month

Each week you will receive the following:
* Monthly webinar on topic relevant to your membership 
* Monthly audio
* Bi monthly strategies and tips.

You also receive life time 10% savings on all Break Free Consultancy events, programs, and products.

As part of this program you also received delivered straight to your door
"A whole bunch of tools for YOUR success! " in a box.

You will be the first to know about our events and given the VIP treatment.

Everything is delivered to your email and you are also able to access the information online with your unique log in

 8 week Make It Happen Program includes 90 minute strategy consultation with Jacqui, 4 one to one consultations, menu planning/exercise program and mindset tools to help you Live YOUR Best Life!

Completely supported each step of the way!

As part of this program you also received delivered straight to your door "A whole bunch of tools for YOUR success! " in a box.


Also available our VIP 6 month Let's Make It Happen! Program, to learn more : VIP Program

We offer consultations that are tailored to YOUR needs, YOUR goals.

From weight management to overall health, fitness and wellbeing.

Consultations start with
a 90 minute session and from there you are able to bundle together a series of sessions with Jacqui.

We also have already available 4 + 1 bundle
( 5 sessions for the price of 4)

Each consultation with be a combination of information, strategies and coaching depending on your goals.

You are fully supported, and encouraged each step of the way.

Weight Management appointments and Personal Training available for NDIS clients also.

As part of this program you also received delivered straight to your door "A whole bunch of tools for YOUR success! " in a box.

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We also have available upon request a bundle of 10 consultations/sessions with Jacqui that you can set up after your initial consultation.

Starting at $247.00 (90minutes)

NDIS clients are a different price ( as per NDIS guide)

Consultations and Appointments

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Product Range

We have a variety of products available in addition to our programs  Memberships and consultations.... 

* Books - Amazon Best Sellers

Information Videos - topics include weight management, bariatric surgery and fitness

Our books are available as eBooks and Paperbacks

We also have a FREE podcast and YouTube channel 

Beyond Bariatric Surgery - Professional Training.

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This training is for professionals who would like to understand the post bariatric surgery journey for their clients and how to assist them to achieve their long term results.

It is available online and in person training.

It is recognized by FitRec as ongoing education for personal trainers.

As online training there is an exam as part of receiving your certificate of completion.

Learn more:

Beyond Bariatric Surgery Training

Also available for Amazon is Beyond Bariatric Surgery book.

It does come with both training.

Online $297.00

Payment plan available 

Not Sure which one is right for you....

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What people are saying ...

Beryl ~ Mt Eliza, AU

"Jacqui Grant is a beautiful lady who helped me to create changes I never thought I would.

I have more energy, I can walk further and I am much happier!"

I no longer have pain when I walk and my self confidence has grown.

Making It Happen Program is worth the investment!"

Toby Allan - California USA

"Jacqui is the person to see. We made it work across the wide ocean and time difference. 

Positive, funny and inspiring. Jacqui Grant is the one, that helps you get results! 

I stared with Success 28 Program and then upgraded to Making It Happen Program , the strategy/Coaching sessions are invaluable.

Jacqui gives that ongoing support to keep the weight off and the stress low and energy high.!"


Break Free Consultancy for 2020..

*  Over 200  Clients have released excess weight... via the 3 programs 

Health, fitness, reduce stress and loved for life gained!

We have added in our New Ultimate VIP Experience for Long Term Results - Let's Do It! - 12 month Program

Training Program for Professionals...

* Over 10 Personal Trainers have completed Beyond Bariatric Surgery Professional Training since its release in November 2019