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* Disclaimer: The information on this site is intended for general information only, it does not replace any medical or health professional advice.

 Please always follow the advice from your health professional first! Results will vary from one person to another

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Restore Your Health.

Restore Your Life.

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I understand that Weight loss and Well-being are NEVER easy!

At least that's how it may feel.

I remember being 158kgs and struggling with every day tasks.

I was exhausted, frustrated and even angry at times!

Nothing I did seemed to work Long Term!

As a Registered Nurse, with over 30 years experience, I have seen so many people suffer with obesity related illness and pain, myself included.

Obesity is on the rise and Bariatric Surgery is ONE tool... which doesn't  work for long term results on its own!

It wasn't until  I decided to put ME first, to take affirmative action to let go of excess weight and gain health, fitness and wellbeing.

I  am here and ready to work WITH you to achieve YOUR weight loss, fitness and wellbeing goals! To motivate you and help you to stay accountable to yourself 

I am passionate about seeing you achieve long term success.

Together we can Celebrate Health, Fitness & Wellbeing!

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Jacqui Grant

 Health, Fitness & Weight Management Coach - Specializing in Pre & Post Bariatric Surgery Coaching, Registered Nurse, Personal Trainer,  Amazon Best Seller and Speaker!

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What's on offer.....







Bariatric Surgery Success 12 Week Programs

So you have had bariatric surgery and not sure what to do next.

The surgeon tells you that everything is going well, the dietitian has given you your meal plan.... BUT you feel like something is missing!


I developed a 12 Week Program that assist you to have obtain long term results post surgery.

The surgery is ONE tool, what you learn in this program is going to assist you to be in the 10% group of people who do achieve their goals and keep the weight off.

You will have life time access to the program

You receive:

* Online Content

* Can Do Bariatric Surgey eBook

* Amazon Best Seller - Life Beyond Obesity eBook

* Be Fit Food Voucher

* Ongoing support

* 25% Saving on 60 minute Strategy/Coaching Session


Each program is valued at $600.00



($16.41 per week)





Make It Happen Program

This program is an 12 week action packed program to get started on your weight, fitness and wellness,

to get you on track and keep you there!

START living YOUR best life NOW!

It includes mindset coaching,  personal training and all the content included in Break Free For Success Program

It is for those who are serious about taking ACTION NOW and are looking for an exercise program, mindset work and support to release excess weight, focus on fitness..

Jacqui works WITH you to create the right program and combination for your weight loss, fitness and wellbeing goals.

What you receive:

* Course book 

* Personalized exercise program

* Personalized Menu Plan/support

* 1 x 90 minute Strategy session to get you all set up for success!

* Additional 90 minutes of strategy/coaching sessions to keep you on track and achieving results ( this is used anyway that suits you.)

* Break Free & Go For It eBook

Just to name a few things !

* Also  Online content:  including videos and a book just for you

* $20.00 Lorna Jane Voucher

* Discounts with Be Fit Foods - dietican input available

* 10% off Bari Boxes - all your bariatric vitamin needs delivered to your door ( Optional Offer to take up)

* Email and Text message support

This program is full on for the and YOU WILL get results as you turn up for YOURSELF.

Valued at: $1,570.00


Your Investment:

$997.00 ( upfront) 

Payment plan available - contact us to discuss

Success 28 Program

This program is 6 weeks and designed to kick start your weight and fitness transformation.

When you purchase this program you will receive your own unique log in and password.

Each week you will be able to access the content and receive a reminder email.

If you are not ready to commit to a full program with strategy sessions and coaching and for the full 12 weeks, then this program is perfect for you.

What you receive is:

* Goal setting strategies

* Exercise ideas

* Focus on self love and Gratitude

* Food guide.

Just to name a few things......

Valued at $ 250.00 



Break Free Programs

Are you feeling tired and stressed everyday?

 Are you feeling frustrated that nothing ever works long time.

Annoyed at paying for gym memberships and not following through?

Have you had bariatric surgery and still feel really confused along with NOT getting the results you thought you would?

If any of these sound like you then this program is for YOU!

I have available the following programs:

Professional Training


Client Testimonial:

"I lost over 20kgs while on Jacqui's Making It Happen -Program and have kept the weight off for 4 months now. I am also a Break Free Member and find the weekly tips keep me focused and on track" - Troy 




In Australia in the past 5 years there has been a minimum of 76,000 people who have undergone bariatric surgery

ONLY 20% of that number achieve their weight loss goals and even less people keep the weight off long term.

Part of the challenge is the lack of support and the abundance of incorrect information available.

Many people believe they can get the answers from google or from a friends experience.... INCORRECT!

The post bariatric journey is not an easy one for the client or their loved ones.

Whilst many people believe it is "the cheats way" or " the easy way" it is NOT.

I have had bariatric surgery myself, add that to over 30 years of nursing experience, 6 years coaching and being a personal trainer, I decided to Bridge the Gap for clients who have had bariatric surgery.

I have developed a course for all professionals including GP's, Personal Trainers, who may work with clients who have had bariatric surgery.

The goal is to make it easier for you the Health  professional, personal  trainer holistic Practitioner to have someone to contact and to have  information to refer to that benefits your clients.



There is two ways to access this content:

1. Online Training:

What you receive is:

*  12  Units to complete

* Course Book

* Video's

* Written content.

*ebook: Beyond Bariatric Surgery

* Check list - to use with your clients

* Online exam

* Additional resources

It will take you approximately 8 - 10 hours to complete the entire course.

The delivery of this course is done via portal where you have you own unique sign in and the content is all available over 2 weeks to allow you to pace yourself.

There is a small exam at the end so you can be provided with a Certificate of Completion.

FitRec ongoing education recognized. 

Valued at $400.00 



2. There is also the Ultimate Training: 

* 1 Day Workshop

* Presentation 

* Hardcopy Book - Beyond Bariatric Surgery.

* Check list.

* Ongoing support from me 

* Additional option for me to come and do a presentation to your clients and their family and friends.

The course also forms part of ongoing education for personal trainers.

Lets work together!

Would like more information or book Jacqui to for a seminar for your staff and/or clients, please contact us

"I have just completed Beyond Bariatric Surgery Course. To be upfront  I did it out of curiosity, as I am not a fan of weight loss surgery. The content in this course is incredible and I am glad to hear it is being recognized by FitRec Australian.

I had no idea the common challenges people face after weight loss surgery. Learnt a lot more than I thought  I would. Glad i did it!

Great course, I highly recommend it."

- Phil. D Mobile Personal Trainer . Sydney NSW

What people are saying about the course:

Coaching with Jacqui is where the magic happens.

Whatever your goal in your health, fitness or wellbeing you will achieve long term success working with me.

I am with you each step of the way.

You can choose pay as you go one session or request to book a bundle of sessions with me, a personalized plan for you.

Sessions can be over the phone, in person or via zoom.

Together we can Break Free & Go For It!

Making change happen!

Coaching rates are $225.00 per session 

Coaching Bundle 4 + 1 available

Strategy Session/ Coaching with Jacqui 

"Coaching with Jacqui has turned my life around. I was stressed all the time, unable to sleep or eat properly. She has helped me changed all of that." -

-Sarah  Thomas - Maui Hawii USA


There are 3 types of Break Free Memberships to choose from.

Each membership is ongoing and currently run via facebook group 

You can choose from the following:

* Break Free Members - for everyone who is keen to have daily and weekly tips on health,fitness and wellbeing.

* Mindfulness -  focus is on being present in each moment, having clarity of mind and to take care of your body and soul, all of which supports health, fitness and wellbeing.

Bariatric Success: - Focus is understanding and having long term success post bariatric surgery.

Each membership includes ongoing support, eBook: Break Free & Go For It! and a 5% savings off all Break Free Programs and Events.

Amazon No.1 Best Selling Author

Jacqui's book Break Free & Go For It! made it to Amazon Best Sellers list in 3 categories and is still selling.


Woman's Day Magazine

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Jacqui's weight transformation journey was published  in Woman's Day Magazine February 2019. 


Your can read the story online via: Now to Love 

Creating Success .........

Meet Nicole 60kgs Gone for Good!

"When I started my journey, post bariatric surgery. I was doing it for my health as I was looking down the barrel of more medication and I was already sick of the amount I was on. I wanted to speak with someone face to face as I had plenty of reading material pre and post op and followed people’s stories on Facebook but had not connected with a real person.
Jacqui was very open and explained things to my husband and I about things that I hadn’t thought of and also some things that I was thinking but was embarrassed to ask about and we both came away from the meeting with a renewed vigour for life, health and wellness.
She gave me a positive look at the way forward and seeing her example and the way she is always looking for the positive in situations is inspiring. I have gained a more positive outlook on my life and she has encouraged me to challenge me and the status quo and I am looking forward to an even brighter future ahead.”
Nicole Owens - Melbourne Victoria  2019

Chris ~Mt Waverly, AU

Personal Trainer

"I recently purchased Bridging the Gap Program - to understand what happens post bariatric/weight loss surgery for my client.

It is a great program, I will be booking Jacqui to come and educate my staff on it.

There is so much I didn't understand about what my clients go through."

Beryl ~ Mt Eliza, AU

"Jacqui Grant is a beautiful lady who helped me to create changes I never thought I would.

I have more energy, I can walk further and I am much happier!"

Toby Allan ~ Chicago, USA

"Jacqui is the person to see. We made it work across the wide ocean and time difference. Positive, funny and inspiring. Jacqui Grant is the one, that helps you get results! 

Break Free Membership gives that ongoing support to keep the weight off and the stress low!"